Directions to Punta Rassa Boat Ramp:

From I-75, take Exit 131 (old Exit 21) west. Drive until you see 6 Mile Cypress, and turn left onto 6 Mile Cypress. Follow 6 Mile Cypress around past the ball park to US 41. The name of the road changes to Gladiolus Rd., but you do not make any turns at US 41 (just continue to go straight).

Follow Gladiolus around a couple of curves, and turn left at the third red light on to Summerlin Rd. Follow Summerlin for several miles until you see the toll plaza at the Sanibel Causeway coming up. You Do Not go through the toll! Instead, bear over into the right-hand exit lane. You will see a sign along the exit lane that says, "Punta Rassa Rd., last exit before toll." This is your Exit.

Make sure that you exit from Summerlin slowly, because if you exit at road speed you will zoom right past the entrances to the ramp. The entrances to the ramp are on your left hand side. Prepare to turn left at the first or second entrance on your left into the parking area. Follow the road down to the ramps. There you will need to buy a parking permit for $10.00. Park in one of the parking spaces designated for your vehicle. Do not park in a space that is for vehicles with trailers.

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